Some positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators

If health assets can be scientifically linked to positive health outcomes, the ultimate goal would be to design interventions that can help build and sustain these assets to help people increase their chances of living a healthier, longer life. Be either positive or negative, and, depending on their effect, they are often referred to as “risk risk factors are conditions or variables associated with a lower likelihood of positive outcomes and a higher likelihood of negative or socially undesirable outcomes as the demographic and health surveys (dhs) and multiple indicator. Mortality, general health status, disability, birth outcomes, chronic conditions, health behaviors and other risk factors for chronic disease, as well as with mental health, injuries, violence and other important health indicators 1, 2-4. 7 the influence of inequality on health outcomes h ealth and wealth have always been closely related ( wilkinson, 1994 ), and economically disadvantaged racial/ethnic minority populations in the united states experience worse health status on multiple indicators of physical health ( williams, in press . In conclusion, the information available suggests that while the health status of a population may be linked, at least to some degree, to the level of gdp, there are nevertheless other factors beyond the wealth of a country which play a role in determining health outcomes these include, for example, the effectiveness of national healthcare.

some positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators Good and bad fertility decline  unfortunately, these changes can be of a positive or a negative nature  in thailand, the philippines, and costa rica-other countries that experienced early fertility decline-health and other social indicators offer clues as to why infant death rates are relatively low, especially in costa rica, and life.

The positive mental health surveillance indicator framework (pmhsif) provides information on positive mental health outcomes and its associated risk and protective factors positive mental health is a state of well-being that allows us to feel, think, and act in ways that enhance our ability to enjoy life and deal with the challenges we face. Entitlement benefits appear to reduce some negative health effects, while means-tested benefits do not 18 threat of unemployment and job insecurity can affect health as well. Research on women’s health continues to link lower ses to a variety of negative health outcomes for women and their children results of breast cancer studies indicate that women living with breast cancer are 11 percent more likely to die if they live within lower ses communities (du, fang, & meyer, 2008.

The follow-up was completed in 2009 (n = 60,569 response rate exceeding 70%) with questions on socio-demographic characteristics, health status, mental health and happiness, physical activity, health service use, injury (seubsman et al 2011) characteristics of cohort members examined in this report derive from the 2009 4 year follow-up and. Finally, conceptual models of access and health have identified health insurance as one factor among many, including social, family, genetic, health care system factors and others, whose. This paper argues that the use of socio-demographic indicators to represent actual or potential demand for mental health services needs to be informed by knowledge of local settlement conditions and trends. Some positive health outcomes linked to demographic indicators show that disease rates are less in some parts of the world because of new vaccines but there are more negative health outcomes. Positive indicators project indicators of positive development are needed for monitoring the development of children to assess trends in positive outcomes, not just negative outcomes and researchers to consider indicators of positive development ranging from health behaviors, religiosity, frugality,.

Objective there is abundance of literature on adverse effects of conflict on the health of the population in contrast to this, sporadic data in nepal claim improvements in most of the health indicators during the decade-long armed conflict (1996-2006. Health and safety by design positive and negative indicators for health and safety by design the table below is not intended to be exhaustive, or that every measure applies in every outcome look the best selection criteria are not clear or are modified during the process. A review of the effects of health literacy on health found that people with lower health literacy are more likely to use emergency services and be hospitalized and are less likely to use preventive services such as mammography or take medications and interpret labels correctly.

Demographic indicators the most direct demographic consequence is more in mortality the impact on the the objective of the study is to investigate whether there is a link between various mortality rates and consequences of these possible scenarios could lead to negative health outcomes (bariagaber , 2001 adetunji, 2000 gregson, et. Health systems can manage these complexities by taking a closer look at outcome measures—understanding their definitions and nuances, reviewing real-world examples, and integrating three essentials for successful outcomes measurement. The standard picture of gentrification is that the new arrivals benefit greatly from gentrification at the expense of lower-income residents the new arrivals get affordable, stylish housing and all of the expensive accoutrements of life in a trendy urban neighborhood (boutiques, bookstores, coffee shops, clubs and more. Increasing evidence supports the link between lower ses and negative psychological health outcomes, while more positive psychological outcomes such as optimism, self-esteem and perceived control have been linked to higher levels of ses for youth.

  • Psychological resilience is the ability to successfully cope with a crisis and to has proven to be a useful theoretical context for understanding variables for predicting long-term health and well-being there is some limited their ability to adapt is an important factor in whether they have a more positive or negative outcome.
  • Some positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators perspective on health care hcs/212 april 16, 2012 cyndie miculan perspective on health care i began my health care profession in the military as an army medic.
  • Although the distribution of health outcomes could be assessed on any measurable geographic, demographic, social, or economic characteristic, some researchers argue that health inequalities should be assessed by using specific social and economic characteristics that have historically determined social status (for example, wealth, ethnicity.

This could be due to adverse health effects of more concentrated disadvantage or a range of experiences related to racial bias (braveman, cubbin, egerter, williams, & pamuk, 2010) low birth weight, which is related to a number of negative child health outcomes, has been associated with lower ses and ethnic/minority status (fiscella et al, 2008. The relationship between education and health has existed for generations, despite dramatic improvements in medical care and public health recent data show that the association between education and health has grown dramatically in the last four decades. Youth mentoring linked to many positive effects, new study shows date: january 15, 2013 source: centre for addiction and mental health summary: researchers are releasing the first results of one. Determining successful outcomes of psychotherapy the goal of this study was to expand work together on tasks designed to bring a positive outcome, and establish a relationship built on trust, acceptance, and empathy client is a very powerful indicator of outcome there have been similar findings in general medicine, education, and.

Some positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators
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